We can geolocate your goods from anywhere.


Our mission

For centuries, transport and trade have been linked activities in order to exchange goods from all parts of the world. With the evolution of transport and commercial treaties, some industrialists and consumers have been able to achieve their objectives of penetrating products and receiving them on all continents.
Fanonzo transport & logistics is a company that carries out the activities of purchase, transport and customs declaration. As a freight forwarder, we negotiate, buy, sell, export, import all products from the factory to the required destination.
Our activities allow any importer or exporter, regardless of where they are located, to be reassured of the execution of the task entrusted to them.
We have an organization and a network of partners around the world facilitating the sender-recipient
It is the action of our representatives in the field that makes us, a key player for the feasibility of your national and international transport projects. This is why we say: WE’LL ALWAYS DO THE BEST FOR YOU.

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

It is thanks to the quality work of each member of our team that we can guarantee our clients a high level of service that gives them the greatest satisfaction!