Logistics management

Our transport and logistics company offers you a logistics handling service in our warehouse where we can accommodate any kind of goods, regardless of the temperature conditions they require.

The know-how of our teams guarantees you a logistics management flawless and in accordance with your needs.


We guarantee:

  • Strict storage rules
  • Maintenance under good conditions
  • Adequate material
  • Required packaging quality
  • Diversity of spaces
  • Quick Identification
  • Optimal performance
  • Expert Know-how


Thanks to our warehouse, we can store all types of goods in large quantities. We meet strict rules to store your merchandise according to it.
Our logistics warehouse is made up of storage racks, storage cabinets and floor space. Outside, we have a space dedicated to containers and another for the storage of large volumes. And, we have a refrigerated warehouse for foodstuffs that keeps them at low temperature.
This diversity of equipment allows us to meet all the needs of our customers and to market their goods in the best conditions.


We offer our customers a storage place where their goods are stored. We have rigorously designed this one to ensure that the maintenance operations are carried out in good conditions and that the traffic is ensured in complete safety.
This storage place allows us to store and manage perfectly the stocks of our customers and their replenishment. In addition, we have the necessary equipment (pallet trucks, self-propelled trucks …) to carry out the order preparation for the goods you wish to ship.


When we send your products, we pay special attention to packaging. This is to protect your merchandise and allow it to arrive at its perfectly intact destination.
To guarantee this result, we pay particular attention to the quality of the packaging of the products. For this we adapt our packaging to the size of the products. In the same way, our team has them rigorously so that the products are stalled and can not move. If necessary, we use padding.
Finally, the knowledge of our teams in logistics and packaging allows them to know the specificities of the products themselves but also to adapt the packaging according to the
mode of transport. Thus, for air transport, we carry out a specific packaging that will protect your merchandise to the maximum.


Every commodity stored or stored in our warehouse must be able to be identified very quickly, which is why we pay special attention to labeling.
Thanks to our reliable and efficient labeling system, we can label cartons and other packaging of all sizes, regardless of the material and in a strategic location that allows our logistics teams to quickly identify your products. It is thanks to this proven system that we can guarantee you an optimal performance.
In addition, this quality labeling also ensures that your products are fully identifiable on shipment and at all times.
You can count on the expertise of our experts for labeling your products that meet your needs.


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