Quality and Performance at the Right Price

Our transport and logistics company takes care of the transport of your goods abroad. Whether they are food, dangerous or fragile, we are able to provide you with the right answers.

Containers, complete, personalized, grouping all destinations, goods in conventional, our team of professionals ensures you the best services for the transport of your goods in export as in import by sea, river, road, air or railway.

The organization of the transports that we propose includes the administrative procedures of customs clearance for the products PAC, the products subject to excise, the special economic regimes …

Maritime transport is the most important mode of transport for the transport of goods. Thanks to our shipping containers, we have at your disposal equipment specially designed for this type of transport and ensure that your goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition.
In addition, we work with the best shipping companies for optimal cargo handling. You benefit from a safe mode of transport that meets your expectations both in terms of cost and deadlines.
If you have a large volume of goods, we suggest you opt for complete containers. All your goods are grouped together. This is the easiest and fastest way to get your products anywhere in the world.
If you do not ship enough products to fill a container, we offer you the solution of the partial container in which we group all goods on the same route. This allows you to save on the cost of transportation.
We adapt to your needs to always offer you the solution that combines efficiency and cost control!

We work with airlines that we have rigorously selected to offer you a wide range of air transport services.
For example, if you need to send goods urgently, we guarantee that your shipment will be delivered by the first available flight and within a maximum of three days. Our professionals are at your disposal to satisfy as much as possible your needs in terms of deadlines.
In addition, passengers or cargo plane, we have the material means to carry the transport of any type of goods in a reliable way. Thanks to this, we can ensure air transport
Dangerous products, vulnerable products, aircraft equipment ... Whatever products you have to carry, we will provide you with a tailor-made response.

We offer our customers a flexible, reliable and efficient road transport offer to transport all your goods. We ensure the transport of weapons, explosives, works of art, for fairs or exhibitions ... We develop our solutions according to the expectations of our customers and the goods to be transported.
Thanks to our particularly developed network, we provide international transport with departures every day from or to many countries. In addition, our trucks are present throughout France for your freight transport at the national level.

Rail transport is an environmentally friendly mode of transport. Environmentally conscious, we are developing it more and more.
Whether it be national or international transport, we put all our expertise at your service for the transport of goods by rail. We offer you a complete logistics offer to meet all your logistics needs.
Do not hesitate to make us an art of your needs, our team of professionals will do everything possible to answer them!

To meet your needs, we also offer solutions for river transport, that is to say on waterways, whether they are rivers or canals.
It is a reliable and efficient mode of transport that we allow you to benefit from. Indeed, the river networks are not saturated, we guarantee you thus a respect of the delays of routing.
Moreover, boats are perfectly adapted to receive and transport goods in large quantities since hundreds of tons can be stored there.
And, it's an inexpensive mode of transport that allows you to ship goods for a very attractive price.
We are at your disposal to introduce you to our water transport solutions.


We offer our customers a storage place where their goods are stored. We have rigorously installed this one in order to allow the maintenance operations to proceed in good conditions and that the circulation is ensured in complete safety.
This storage place allows us to store and manage perfectly the stocks of our customers and their replenishment. In addition, we have the necessary equipment (pallet trucks, self-propelled trucks ...) to carry out the order preparation for the goods you wish to ship.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?